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Since my own awakening to the healing power of Nature in my early twenties I have been passionate about exploring ways to support us to remember our true nature- our own individual expression of nature. This has led me to an interest in Taoism, Permaculture and Tantra. My own journey of meeting myself has taken me to rewilding my beliefs, my thoughts, my body, my voice and my sexuality. I now love to share spaces, events and retreats that bring together some or all of these elements.

I am in a (slow!!) process of redesigning and relaunching my website- so for the moment you can see what my latest events are here:

Below is a breakdown of some of the ways in which I share my love of life.

Oftentimes this includes my artwork to support to create a field of intention or consiousness.

Shivashakti dance

The Shivashakti dance meditation is an embodiment practice I have been apprentice to since 2005. This practice and the women's spaces I create around it draws from my long term study with Elisabeth Serra of Authentic Ecstacy.

Plants connection & Insight Herbalism

I have had a deep connection with the plant world since I started to live on the land in my twenties. Over the last twenty- something years I have held foraging and plant connection spaces, been a community gardener and have grown my own herbs.

In 2018 I joined the school of Intuitive Herbalism, this is an embodied, relational and phenomenological approach to working with herbs. It includes the bodywork of 'listening touch'.

I hold spaces in groups and also work one to one supporting people to connect to the plants, their inner and outer nature.

Song and Sound healing

I am a singer songwriter, sound healer and facilitate community singing spaces. In 2018 I studied vocal improvisation for use in ritual and transformational spaces with Briony Greenhill.

I have worked with the healing power of sound and sound vibration one to one and in groups since 2003

Breathwork Rebirthing

In 2021 I studied Breathwork Rebirthing to support me through personal change, which I am now qualified to offer as a way to reconnect people with the simple potency of their natural breath as a pathway to health and bliss.

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